What is Realo?

The digital platform that sells your home quickly, easily and transparently, reaching the largest number of buyers.

We bring together all the advantages of a traditional real estate agency and a digital platform, providing a 360º comprehensive service so you do not have to worry about anything. Our experts are responsible for providing personalized service and close advice. In addition, we invest in the commercialization of your home to ensure maximum online advertising and in many other channels.

What services does Realo provide? What does your slogan "More for less" mean?

Realo takes care of everything that you and your flat may need to promote, market and sell successfully.

It is a 360-degree service in which we highlight the following points:

  • Preparation
    • Initial advice. After an analysis and assessment of the property, we define a sales strategy according to the property and its target audience.
    • Sales strategy. Depending on the needs of the property, we will together define the best sales strategy.
    • Multimedia material. Our professional team will be responsible for taking the photos, the virtual tour, the map and also a personalized video of the house.
  • Marketing
    • Promotion. Our promotional plan will be designed according to the characteristics of the property and will include advertising in all the main portals of Spain (Idealist, Fotocasa, Floors, etc ...) and individualised campaigns.
    • Advertising. We publish in more than 40 portals and social networks, carrying out an individualised advertising plan for each home according to its target audience ensuring maximum visibility online
    • Transparency. Your personal advisor will share results, metrics and all the information for a continuous and transparent follow-up.
    • Network of contacts. We have an international network of contacts and investors
  • Sale
    • View management. We filter and manage visits only with potential buyers
    • Negotiation with buyers. Your advisor will negotiate the best conditions for you with total transparency
    • Administrative management. We will manage all the necessary administrative procedures until the act of notary.
    • Legal and legal advice.
    • Preparation of the contract and escort in notary.
    • Free advice to the buyer on all types of legal questions that may arise.
    • If necessary, we analyse your possible purchase so that you do not pay more than you should.

How do you work?

We assign each property to a manager that will be the contact point for the whole transactional process. Our managers are local experts with years of experience in real estate and that will ensure that everything goes well. The first step will be to draw a detailed analysis of the property and to value it. From then onwards, the manager will define the sales strategy and the promotional plan that fit the property needs together with the owner. After having prepared all the multimedia material (photos, video, virtual visit and plan amongst others) we will proceed to commercialise the property according to the promotional plan defined together with the owner. The manager will follow the whole process, including the signature of the notary, tracking on a weekly basis to ensure that the process is as simple, agile and transparent as possible.

What are the main differences with a traditional real estate agency? What are the advantages of Realo?

Being a digital agency makes Realo enjoys the advantages of a digital agency and of a local and close service typical of a traditional real estate agent. Our managers will ensure giving a personalised service and an assessment in the same way a traditional real estate agency would do. On the other side, we take advantage of our technological know-how as well as our digital tools (also having a real estate portal in other European countries) in order to maximise the diffusion of the publications, to sell faster and to improve the sales experience.

What sets us apart from the real estate agencies is our professional way of working in total transparency and fully accessible for the owner. Without forgetting that our prices are often up to 4-5 times cheaper than those from a traditional agency.

What differences are there with other low-cost digital platforms?

The main difference with many low-cost platforms in Spain is that Realo is not a selling tool and doesn't supply any tool to the owner for selling himself the property. Realo offers an all in one service that covers any type of requirement and investment related to the sale of the property thus, the owner has not to worry about anything.

Furthermore, there is no limit in time what so ever as well as no fixed costs. Our priority is to sell at the best selling price possible or the fastest possible if this was of the owner's desires and we only charge for the service in case of a successful sale

Satisfaction guaranteed

The expert will get paid based on your qualification in Trustpilot. Only case in Spain!

How will you promote my property?

Realo takes advantage of its digital know-how in order to make the most from the property promotion. Each property has a different and specific public, and the promotional plan will be defined accordingly with the manager. Each plan will include promotion in all the main Spanish portals (Idealista, Fotocasa, Pisos, and Vibbo amongst others) where we publish the property publications. We also carry out individual actions in other networks to reach a specific market segment.

Will Realo create a video?

We carry out a totally individualised and original video of each house. Our video and photo expert analyses each home to highlight all the most relevant aspects. In this way, we filter those interested in the property to arrange visits only with potential buyers.

What is the Flexible Exclusivity Realo?

You are free to change the contract to a NON exclusivity contract at any time.

What is Realo's valuation?

The valuation Realo is the approximate price for an average property in a certain area with certain characteristics (size of the plot, useful surface, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other characteristics). The valuation is a starting point to set the selling price of a property, it is not an official valuation for banks. Realo's valuations do not take into account the quality of the recent renovation, nor the construction materials, nor the finishing qualities or the uniqueness of the building. Thus, we recommend the seller to combine Realo's valuation with a valuation done by our experts that will measure in detail all the possible elements.

How to calculate the Realo Estimates®?

Realo developed a complex system that uses publicly available data about homes (and neighborhoods) and specific information homes provided by the owner or real estate agent.

The estimate is based on three types of variables:

  • Information about the property itself like the habitable floor area, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the construction and renovation year, the energy efficiency and the presence of a pool or sauna.
  • Information about the neighbourhood, like the average selling price of properties in the past year/months and the average price per square meter land
  • Information calculated by Realo like the M Score (mobility score) with the distance from the property to public transport, schools, highways, etc.

What is the precision of Realo's valuation?

The precision of Realo's valuation depends on the available information for a specific property. The more information we are provided, the more precise the valuation will be. In order to get a more precise valuation, owners can add information of their properties in Realo.

Is there any fixed cost or any additional cost?

No, there is no additional cost. Realo invests beforehand in all the properties and only charges a fee in the case of selling the property. Realo's fee includes all the costs related to selling the property such as multimedia content, advertising preparation and purchase of the required documents (energy efficiency certificate, the simple note or earnest money agreement amongst others).

How is the payment done?

The payment will be done by bank transfer when the property is finally sold and a contract is signed.

Do you work all throughout Spain?

We are currently working in all the Community of Madrid and in some nearby cities such as Toledo. Get in tough with us to check if we are also working in your area.

Where are your offices?

We are a digital agency and as such we do not have a commercial premise as traditional real estate agencies. Our experts will visit the properties of all the necessary procedures. Our headquarters are in Calle Hermosilla, 48 in Madrid.

I don't speak Spanish, do you speak English?

Yes, we do! Our website is also available in English, pls click on www.realo.es/en. Moreover, our team speaks fluently German, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish and Catalan. Contact us and we will put you in touch with the right interlocutor.